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Flatness seems to increase the range and slightly increases damage.

3rd October 2008 08:10

0rpheus;4609624Wait, there were blowouts in SoC??? Without mods?The one near the end when arriving a...

2nd October 2008 01:10

true_blue;4609050Well, i'm talking about the bug where Loner faction asks you to clear the depot in...

2nd October 2008 01:10

They're easy to get, go into the base and jump through the window. Edit: Its highly radioactive so...

2nd October 2008 01:10

Go behind the safe where its legs are and aim around the top right leg.

17th September 2008 05:09

RPG rocket.

16th September 2008 11:09

SCR3AM1N_D3MON;4362036I was away for a few days and had to read 15 pages to get caught up! Basically...

29th May 2008 14:05

Max_Payne278;4414886where did u find it?There are two houses near the antennas in Red Forest, its in...

3rd July 2008 23:07

From what I read its basically got the same mutants with the new swamp bloodsucker but no psy-dog.

4th September 2008 17:09

How do I sleep?

3rd September 2008 16:09

Kanyhalos;4548130I don't know any reasons. I just hunted him down with the Gauss Gun, a scripted blo...

1st September 2008 01:09

Is there a reason he's electric?

31st August 2008 23:08

abandonator;4548045can't say you're wrong, strelok being electric... wth?Lol. What?

31st August 2008 23:08

Kanyhalos;4548023Nope. Only has one stupid ending, totally unrealistic an annoying.What makes it unr...

31st August 2008 23:08

So does CS have multiple endings like SoC?

31st August 2008 23:08

TheGazelle;4508297Got some strange behaviour from the NPCs today.. On the very first mission, wher...

16th August 2008 01:08

I'm having a problem with some NPCs with the latest 2.2 release. When re-entering corden Nimble is b...

16th August 2008 01:08

The armour piercing bullets can penetrate some thin materal like wood and sheet metal.

12th August 2008 17:08

longcat0;4415970Spoiler: Show Well, I've found 3 of the new weapons: - The short Benelli in Borov...

4th July 2008 05:07

Do any traders sell machineguns or do I have to find them (I've found the MG3)?

3rd July 2008 16:07

Does anyone know what they're for? In the swamps we took control of the machine yard and the chest t...

4th September 2008 20:09

And the MP7 and maybe others.

2nd July 2008 01:07

Kanyhalos;4411335Whats wrong with allowing trasmuatations all the time? -- Because if the anomaly di...

1st July 2008 21:07

Kanyhalos;4410655Because the anomalies are moving during the day, and they don't accept the artifact...

1st July 2008 19:07

I could make them in 2.0

1st July 2008 01:07