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I am in need of a glm exporter for 3dsmax r4.2 or for milkshape 1.6.1 i would really apprechiate it...

27th July 2002 05:07

hi, i have made the 3d model for jk2 but i cant change it into a .glm file so it doesnt appear in t...

29th July 2002 00:07

yeh but i dont have those tools so... you have hotmail so i can talk to you then?

29th July 2002 08:07

dude i cant find them >:(

31st July 2002 06:07

hi, im in the process of making a model pack if any 1 is interested add me to your msn list or e-ma...

1st August 2002 10:08

FFS, some 1 answer PLEASE!!! :furious:

2nd August 2002 08:08

hi, :p i was just wondering...uhm, Why is yoda so... so uhm HUGE!!! can some 1 make a small yoda cau...

4th August 2002 02:08

hi, man u must have read my mind ive currently been working on a mgs jk2 model pack i am very intere...

4th August 2002 08:08

what for?? models?

6th August 2002 01:08

hi, im making a 3d jk2 model of the predator and need some 1 to skin it AND IT MUST BE DONE PROPERLY...

16th August 2002 01:08