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i hate the cherub it looks gay cause it looks like cherubs wear eye shadow.

4th October 2004 01:10

nooo i meant like shooting through walls with ANY weapon. Also when i meant ppl flying in the air i...

8th October 2004 04:10

yes i think it was called midway i forgot cause i never played bf1942 for a while i like it cause li...

8th October 2004 04:10

scorpy, biggus dickus, and donitz.:lol:

19th October 2004 12:10


26th October 2004 05:10

Großadmiral DönitzThat can be arranged! :naughty: Come here my little brother (its true!)......

25th October 2004 11:10

Poor piggy! :( , LOL !:lol:

25th October 2004 11:10

i dont know any but fragger's caco demon looks like a floating tomato with an eyeball :lol: , and hi...

25th October 2004 06:10

what? :confused:

24th October 2004 10:10

In most fighting games i notice the female fighters' boobs jiggle has anyone else noticed that. :lo...

24th October 2004 10:10

emo during gaming YUCK! thats not right. :eek: [color=Red]*kill9.O throws up* [color=White]YOUR SICK...

24th October 2004 10:10

oh i thought he said best level music :o:doh:

24th October 2004 08:10

im afraid that the earth will go out of orbit and go twards the sun i had a nightmare about that it...

24th October 2004 00:10

best music: max payne series, any star wars game, painkiller, original unreal series YES! YES! ORIGI...

24th October 2004 00:10

i have alot weird dreams and nightmares.

23rd October 2004 12:10

im afraid that the earth will go out of orbit and head twards the sun cause i had a nightmare about...

18th October 2004 05:10

Something really weird has happened to my ut2004 it had the same problem my original UT used to have...

8th October 2004 06:10

granted but since john never met love he becomes [color=Teal]a homosexual[/color] and sings in a way...

15th October 2004 12:10

CHAKA*beats malice with a shovel, screaming 'WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!!!'* :rofl: in jk2 i have...

15th October 2004 11:10

i wanna be a drunken idiot who always rams his car into ppl and likes to kicks ppl in the gonads.

15th October 2004 11:10

favorite enemies: Skaarj from unreal series. favorite music: errrr hard choice :uhm: favor...

15th October 2004 11:10

house of one hundred (or thousand?) corpses/bodies scared the crap out of me VERY VERY gruesome.

15th October 2004 11:10

Maybe when the SDK is released it would be cool to add a succubus monster. :naughty: :D

15th October 2004 10:10

my two dogs died :(

15th October 2004 10:10

i like the crunchy noise .

15th October 2004 09:10