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21st June 2002 01:06

Originally posted by Killer_84 Get info here g SRY for bad link

20th July 2002 09:07

Their site is here

20th July 2002 23:07

Originally posted by Gnaget walking through a wall isn't very difficult Wasen't a wall all the w...

20th July 2002 22:07

I hve personally seen a cheater while on the server "bluecherry" was my own teammate i was dead and...

20th July 2002 12:07

Get info here And for fun click here First rtcw cartoon Another great site www....

20th July 2002 12:07

Originally posted by Gnaget I told you. I don't click links I know nothing about. Hate to end up...

20th July 2002 09:07

Dont you have anything else to do why dont you get the mod

20th July 2002 09:07

Get info here g

20th July 2002 09:07

I have "Ikkyo's Wolfenstein Mod .03 Some of it's features are:12 gauge shotgun with 4 shots a grenad...

20th July 2002 06:07

Do you know their website i had it, but i rebooted my computer last mounth had some problem but they...

20th July 2002 02:07

Last month their was a News Update forgot for what but it had a link to a web site with a Mod called...

18th July 2002 13:07

I had found link to it's site in New Updates but it got cycled out! If you know the address please r...

18th July 2002 09:07

Just redownload into Rtcw Folder (not main) What did you do with zip do u delete them (can restore i...

17th July 2002 02:07

Oops! flooded town 2 You gave up to fast should have figured it out!!

17th July 2002 02:07

For how long does your connecting stay interupted try diffrent servers it could be servers seting.I...

21st July 2002 13:07

Do you remember what map it said you didnt have,thats your problem you ddnt have the map it was play...

23rd July 2002 19:07

Originally posted by ubc cnote419 : but how can i load a server running the mod. I know you said st...

16th July 2002 11:07

Restoring everything to "Default Settings" in Options menu If you havent try it wont change much!

30th July 2002 01:07

I voted for #2 and allso seam to like #5 Does anyone know where I can get the map mp_chirch I thin...

3rd August 2002 20:08

Right click on RTCW choose Properties, in the Target box put the line, space then add +set sv_cheats...

30th July 2002 02:07

Go to Uninstall choose Repair (pretty sure their is a repair option) or just wait for more REPLYS!

30th July 2002 02:07

Dont remember if I fix it before I rebooted my pc! But try setting everything to Default Settings!

30th July 2002 02:07

I allso play MOHAA, AVP2, Tactical Ops Assault On Terror AND I :love: RTCW MP:rock:

30th July 2002 01:07


30th July 2002 01:07