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this mod looks gay... i dont think anyone will play it. they are just trying to copy or something :m...

16th May 2003 07:05

I would also like to see alot of voice cammands like "MG42 ahead!" or something like that.... there...

31st July 2003 07:07

i was thinking today... how about a single player mod like the movie final fantasy. That would be aw...

29th July 2003 03:07

whats stats'n'stuff?

29th July 2003 07:07

ping is not about your specs its about your modem

29th July 2003 07:07


29th July 2003 07:07

hey talon keep the topic on dod... i agree with you snake. Like in band of brothers when theyre try...

29th July 2003 08:07

have you played UT2k3?? when you got hit with a rocket your legs can blow off but the rest of your b...

29th July 2003 08:07

Not the DoD now... but hopefully they make DoD2 SP... that would be awesome.

29th July 2003 22:07

Yea DoD is awesome... but you can bet it will be even better on the Half-Life 2 engine

30th July 2003 22:07

crawler could u make me a cool HL2 avatar!? yea! :bows: Pleeeeaaaaaasse?

31st July 2003 07:07

Could someone tell me how to make maps for Desert Combat using BattleCraft 42??? :confused: I know h...

27th July 2003 07:07

I know that is already a voice cammand... i was just making an exaple so you knew what i was talking...

1st August 2003 01:08

Originally posted by talon010 looks like its going to be a really good game. duh :p

2nd August 2003 12:08

I use quicktime and realone player and they both work fine

2nd August 2003 12:08

Could someone make me a sig?? i posted a think one the 2nd page of this thread syaing what i would l...

2nd August 2003 12:08

it works for me

3rd August 2003 03:08

and there were those flying alien space ships.

3rd August 2003 10:08

sounds good tewmten... but i think ill pre-order it instead

3rd August 2003 10:08

I have no lag issues either and my settings are on high... here are my specs... P4 2.53-2.66 Ghtz Ra...

3rd August 2003 10:08

I would like to see a deathstar map and a endor map with those little one person flying scooter type...

4th August 2003 05:08

LOL @ tit

27th July 2003 08:07

Vanthem could you make me a sig plz.:uhm: thanks SloppyJoe

27th July 2003 06:07

pirates is a fun mod to sword fight in...

4th August 2003 05:08

First on my list is Day of Defeat! wahoooo! im just tired and annoyed by bf1942...

24th July 2003 00:07