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What i am about to show you is a crazy amount of bodies in once place :0wned: :eek:

17th September 2005 22:09

my directory is C:/gamefiles/BattleFormiddleEarth2/ I do not know where to put the maps i download...

2nd April 2006 21:04

classical actually is fun to listen to like beethovens 9th actually fits lol

5th February 2006 07:02

That would never happen. Lol sorry to break it to you guys but the emperor room alone is filled with...

20th March 2006 08:03

im not sure if these are what everyone gets but i get lots of No range and a bunch of symbols and nu...

27th March 2006 08:03

Sekmetpointless topic by my knowledge, every planet and moon in the sol is somesort of battle statio...

27th March 2006 09:03

oh yeah they also appear in all the original maps for WA. ok i checked the local englih folder and...

28th March 2006 05:03

where is the warning.log you mean the command consle thingy on the front page?

29th March 2006 03:03

The C'Tan are the most powerful, however since chaos and C'tan don't interact...... but theroetica...

3rd April 2006 08:04

Hitman do you play TT? because if you did you would know necrons and tau both have a great variety o...

5th February 2006 07:02

warbosscboathI swear I dont understand why people just give their opinions and believe them to be fa...

4th April 2006 01:04

Well since i explained above the nightbringer on the battlefield is not even the nightbinger himsel...

4th April 2006 06:04

warbosscboathUm, So can tzeench, so whats your point??? Here is a question for you, Do the chaos god...

5th April 2006 02:04

Well then..... Why do they not just snap their fingers and the planets are gone?

6th April 2006 05:04

Overpowered Gaurd? LOL, yeah ok.

8th April 2006 20:04

yeah, im sorry but SM and Eldar are the only overpowered races. I have played against gaurd many ti...

9th April 2006 19:04

ok i think it is time to take a chill pill, buddy. lol jk, yeah i guess your right

19th April 2006 02:04

i think they should add new super units for each race like imperial gaurd could get osmething like a...

5th February 2006 07:02

please never post again

6th January 2006 01:01

I'm playing the disorder campaign and the level is where your chaos and you have to collect blood f...

23rd September 2005 09:09

dude IG suck right now they need at least 12 or 13 men in squad.

8th October 2005 20:10

you cant

25th September 2005 19:09

patch 1.3 and 1.4 suck? you guys complain about patches too much just deal with it

25th September 2005 21:09

also on the 4 order mission i get the same problem when i have the land raider at the physic gates s...

28th September 2005 07:09

I dont know but i think the imperial gaurd turrets suck and there isnt enough infantry to put in yo...

28th September 2005 07:09
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