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plz i want battlefield "registry file" any one can help

22nd July 2004 21:07

hi guys where can i find 3d model in battlefield ? and how i can edit them ? whats the extension...

26th January 2005 05:01

i know what lan mean and i have 14 pc but i cant find any link in game menu lead me to join a serve...

3rd September 2004 20:09

plz some one tell how to play this game on lan i can make aserver but i cant join the game how to j...

3rd September 2004 17:09

hi all i like capture the flag very much but it seems doesnt exist in bfvietnam is there a wa...

14th August 2004 21:08

i have LAN when i start internet server no one can join it only when i start the server on router pc...

9th July 2004 22:07

i have the demo version how i can change my team during the game

8th July 2004 23:07

hi all is there a demo for BF vietnam ? if there where i can find it?

8th July 2004 20:07

hi all is there is someone know about mod make CTF avilable with bots?

4th July 2004 23:07

i downloaded this mod and installed it when i lunch the game it crash during the loading why?

4th July 2004 23:07

i have downloaded frogtone hope mod version 0.6 and installed it but when i lunch the game nothing...

3rd July 2004 01:07

look when i try to join a game on net amessage about cd key appear any one can help?

22nd June 2004 03:06

first hi all i have good idea to make battlefield multyplayer very intersting my idea may be diffcu...

14th June 2004 20:06

plz helpme how i can host lan multiplayer game i cant find any link in main menu?

1st March 2005 00:03