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[INDENT]**hay, so i downloaded the skin, its nice, but its not quit hitting the spot :D Would any...

15th April 2008 22:04

cheers mate, ur a star ** :p cant wait

19th April 2008 22:04

hay i was uploading a new config to my server thorugh ftp smart client, but to take effect i needed...

24th April 2008 19:04

japlus 2.4 is imune to bot fill, also turn off bot mini players to prevent the server being filled w...

7th May 2008 00:05

not to b rude but your original post was mad emostly of this "(we used to have 13), and dont have...

9th May 2008 03:05

Hello all, :cya: Lets start with yes i know this request has been made before but who knows, someo...

29th June 2008 02:06

excellent guys, i really appreciate the guidance. :cool:

9th July 2008 18:07

here are some decent reference shots

29th June 2008 03:06

some people should be banned from jka i swear :uhm::p

5th July 2008 18:07

Good day to you all, i am Dark Lord Revan of the sith empire, i come before you to offer you ulti...

6th July 2008 19:07

Hay guys, i recently decided to learn to map seeing as requests are always turned down and there is...

8th July 2008 05:07

really :uhoh: i been using his tuts to learn, i swear im loseing it, i didnt see. Thanks.

8th July 2008 17:07

Yo, is it possible to take an NPC of a custome model and make it like a statue ? example, i want to...

9th July 2008 02:07

excellent! thanks guys, will this make the model static? and i assume its a matte rof re skinning th...

9th July 2008 06:07

thats ace thanx man just what i needed =)

9th January 2010 07:01