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yup, look at the way his shoulders droop lol. Must be too much fat on his belly :P

11th July 2006 10:07

ya justa few typos. Apart from that i think it should work

12th July 2006 05:07

Hey Guys, Ages of star wars is looking for some new modelers for our next up and comming project in...

12th July 2006 05:07

This is too much like what ages of star wars is trying to do.....

12th July 2006 04:07

of course we are! what less would you expect :P

12th July 2006 02:07

Imperial march :P

11th July 2006 20:07

lol, fury terrorists

11th July 2006 16:07

What exact republic and cis stuff is there?

11th July 2006 15:07

Reinstall. If not what stats does your graphics card have?

11th July 2006 08:07

Rule number one, NEVER ask when a mod is gonna be released. They will tell you in good time

11th July 2006 10:07

its kinda gay, just chuck a line of ships at the front and then some more a little bit back to cover...

11th July 2006 09:07

Ya it does help lol.

11th July 2006 09:07

LOL! now we all know what type of guy lolly is :P

11th July 2006 09:07

No body knows mate. Just wait and see

11th July 2006 09:07

MoneyJoThere were many who did. I forget who they all are, but there was one that lived to help Jas...

11th July 2006 08:07

Ajay_Jak i had a problem i coudnt find \application data. because it was hidden, so u may have to un...

11th July 2006 08:07

ye sorry lol i was thinking of our mod at the time

12th July 2006 08:07