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17th August 2004 03:08

I finished it. It's very easy. First, reinforce your foreward shield. Then, keep on shooting Unity S...

17th August 2004 04:08

Capture the easy way. Take down the shieds (When on a Cube) and then just send seven marines at one...

17th August 2004 04:08

ChrisMunroe Smacktivision just likes to be a bunch of jerks. They'll probably NEVER release a patch...

17th August 2004 04:08

FN_lewrbm69i got new worlds strate out of the shrink wrap, and BC i found a copy on amazon there too...

17th August 2004 04:08

Here's two. I call the first one "The End". The second one, I call it "CAPTIN PICARD, YOU WILL BE AS...

17th August 2004 04:08

All of the ideas posted here and FREELANCER BASED MOVING! We don't want no stupid hexs! We want the...

17th August 2004 05:08

I'm trying to make mods. I know how to make new weapons and new weapon names but not ships. I edited...

17th August 2004 09:08

It is teh 1377 sUx0rS! :p. Not. It's ...quite intresting.

17th August 2004 09:08

It is? I looked in the manual and there was noting on SB, NCA, PF, DW, BIO, and SPECIAL.

17th August 2004 10:08

Just get a weapon, copy it's specs, change it's name to whatever you want, and change the damage.

18th August 2004 01:08

Delete all the lines in the "Unhandeled Exception" Notepad and you will fix it.

18th August 2004 01:08

You could. Just go to the folder (Open it with notepad) and change the names.

18th August 2004 01:08

Here is are two more... The first is called "Buh Bye Galaxy" The second one is called "Looks like...

22nd August 2004 22:08

BTW, Intrduce the Sora back again. Ever since Interseccion, they dissapeared!

22nd August 2004 23:08