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hello guys.. i saw the game trailer wow it was awesome. they've added the drag race again very sweet...

7th November 2007 11:11

dont know. maybe its with the collectors edition.

7th November 2007 12:11

newbie here! im looking forward to learn new things in here!

7th November 2007 15:11

im looking for a new game too. my pc is not that as good as you have. but im on to mmorpgs and righ...

14th November 2007 12:11

MMORPG are games that im hooked to. but i played all sorts of games too

14th November 2007 12:11

wow thats cool! where can i dowload that software? i want to try it too. what specs do i need to...

14th November 2007 12:11

are you not interested with online games like mmorpgs? those are the only games i play today. my...

14th November 2007 13:11

@nazoa93 haha you get my point there! those games are just so addicting to play. im a social type...

15th November 2007 10:11

aw thanks pal! now i need to save my money to get that software! im so excited! ill inform you when...

15th November 2007 10:11

I play WoW when i have the bucks but when my pocket is empty i play WYD Global.

17th November 2007 10:11

God of War 2! damn i cant wait for the GoW 3 that game will rock!

23rd November 2007 12:11

yeah ps2 have a lot of games in its collection. what i think is you must enjoy your ps2 first befo...

24th November 2007 11:11