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What BF1942 needs is an ammo carrier. Snipers and everyone run out of ammo way too fast. He'd be jus...

31st March 2003 13:03

That's an APC. Yes in the air. Yes very high in the air. It's from a new stunt I (think I) invente...

28th June 2003 09:06

hmm... picture didn't upload...

28th June 2003 10:06

How do you upload pictures? I really want to show you the flying APC.

28th June 2003 10:06

Ok I think it was because the image was too big. I'll try to get a better picture up soon.

29th June 2003 14:06

I need to find a clan too. Preferably Canadian.

11th July 2003 12:07