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Hi! I want to ask You guys about something. Many, playing JK3, I saw maps with specific effect:...

28th December 2008 09:12

Hey, I have a problem. I've been using _sun entity for some maps, but since I've deleted them, I can...

18th September 2009 02:09

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to do the rain effect, which is able to see in Single Player...

14th June 2009 04:06

OK, so I found it, it's Saber Fizz effect...But how to use it in multiplayer map?? o.O

15th June 2009 19:06

Oh....thanks anyway <3

16th June 2009 03:06

Addon: I found something very strange. When I put this effect by itself, it works, but....how to put...

16th June 2009 03:06

Yeah, but anyone can help me with coding this .efx?

18th June 2009 07:06

YouTube - Metal Gear Solid 4 OST - Love Theme (Full) This is a track from Metal Gear Solid 4 I wa...

10th July 2009 04:07

Thanks! I had no skybox in my map, so now I know what's 5

19th September 2009 01:09

Hi, it's me again! I got another problem with mapping: I am trying to make broken house, so...

30th January 2009 00:01

I would certainly join this clan, since I have nowhere to go, but I got my Radio-Signal Internet o.O...

30th September 2009 04:09

Hi I was wondering if there is a possibility to create a shader that will imitate heat effect on wh...

31st December 2009 08:12


2nd January 2010 08:01

Hi I recently read the "fake bumpmapping" tutorial in MODDB [HTML]http://www.moddb.com/games/star-...

5th June 2010 23:06

I tried to apply it on map texture

6th June 2010 00:06

Folder "Shaders". Shader named like name of the map.

6th June 2010 04:06

In first second I thought that this is some kind of mod like ENB Series for Grand Theft Auto Series

10th June 2009 03:06

Thanks. Anyways, does anyone know any tutorial with all the radiant options like those 2 You showed...

28th January 2009 00:01

Sorry for double post! I am talking about doing it in Radiant 1.4

28th December 2008 09:12

Hi! I just wanted to ask: If You are using LUA scripting, then will You be able to do HDR filterin...

2nd January 2009 06:01

Thanks, You gave me a big help, Bro!

29th December 2008 02:12

OK, but when I try to make it long, it appears just to some length, then it dissapears, and shows ag...

29th December 2008 04:12

That's now it looks in game And that's how it looks in Radiant

29th December 2008 04:12

I know how to flip the top texture, but I don't know how to flip side texture, so it will match like...

29th December 2008 07:12

If You don't mind, I just use the texture from Your Example Map, Can I do that?

29th December 2008 07:12
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