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Can someone make decent versions of the following: Glorious Heritage Class (Andromeda Ascendant) S...

19th March 2006 09:03

the Starfleet Kid;4899793That's a good fix, Knight-- I hadn't thought of that. We only included tech...

29th May 2009 15:05

Count me in

10th June 2009 14:06

Jetfreak;4908624Speaking of new SB34 based projects, we're open to any new ideas. But I believe t...

9th June 2009 21:06

Enterprise downloaded and ready :)

5th June 2009 11:06

Roll on the download!

3rd June 2009 10:06

So whats next for SB34? Personally, I hope a brand spanking new Concorde class... I know SFK likes...

1st June 2009 05:06

Well, so far ive not found any issues with 1.1 :)

31st May 2009 19:05

Looks great, looking forward to this one!

30th May 2009 20:05

blitrell;4893636Hi everybody, I installed i think everyone but when i play i cant construct anythi...

26th May 2009 17:05

Never mind. Problem isnt with the running lights, its with new fed ships. Not sure why it affected...

14th June 2009 15:06

the Starfleet Kid;4892561Pink Breen! PINK! They're fierce! They're rebellious! They're so very asymm...

25th May 2009 13:05

I actually do like the design, thats why i asked Dan to sort it out for me lol. The additional nacel...

21st May 2009 09:05

Both Galaxy's and the Shelley are missing textures (though the hero versions are fine). The Araxes i...

18th May 2009 19:05

Like I said over at MSFC, looks good to me Majest. Sounds good too. Personally hoping you include th...

17th May 2009 11:05

Looks good, cant wait to see her textured :)

17th May 2009 11:05

Nice shots Jet, which Miranda is that???

16th May 2009 07:05

charlesb924;4890932 Spoiler: Show That is one gutsy BoP - i didnt think suicide was honorable for...

15th May 2009 16:05

Jetfreak;4888997 Actually, someone already took the pleasure of creating one, and a Miranda derivat...

13th May 2009 07:05

Ok, so I just installed the new running lights from FahRes, following all the instructions, and for...

14th June 2009 15:06

the Starfleet Kid;4918501It's because of the changes to the sprite files, probably. Sprites and tech...

14th June 2009 20:06

Looking great Dan! You gonna be getting the AI modified to build those too?

10th May 2009 11:05

Majest;4941487Notification: I have decided that due to the large amount of good quality TNG mods b...

7th July 2009 05:07

I'll be looking forward to this as a download. Nice GUI Tain!

13th July 2009 17:07

that Fek'lhr looks awesome Maj!

13th July 2009 10:07