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idk if its my computer but i cant see your image its just a red xed box

27th August 2006 10:08

i go to school on tuesday and soon i have to figure out wut college im going to and i have to write...

27th August 2006 10:08

foodmaniac2003@Koehler- Pants party and 13 year olds... thats where its at :naughty: PS im just k...

27th August 2006 10:08

i have a quick question do i download the client files and the server files and them im done?

28th August 2006 07:08

28th August 2006 23:08

i downloaded it and played it and i have to say its pretty good but what ruined my expierence alittl...

28th August 2006 11:08

i just played it for the first time and some of the vehicles and guns are all gray. i don't remember...

28th August 2006 12:08

FlyGuy45Make sure you erased older FH versions. to help with those problems in BG42?

28th August 2006 14:08

wow i remember gameshark that was way back then with like ps1 and n64 but then it was like bought ou...

28th August 2006 14:08

i dont see any old stuff.ill try redownloading it all later i guess

28th August 2006 15:08

i hate the loads of bunny hoppers with an strong passion especcially the ones that jump around firin...

28th August 2006 23:08

what is the current version of FHE out right now and where can i download it

4th March 2007 00:03