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Well... I have no idea how to make a model, or to modify a char, add powers, etc, etc, etc. IS there...

1st January 2009 23:01

Wow. Cool. It seems a 'little' longer than in the design I made... Could you by chance make it a lit...

11th July 2009 05:07

It's perfect! =D Thanks!

26th July 2009 07:07

I hate to complain, but... It still seems a bit.. off. It's still too long and he's not holding the...

25th July 2009 09:07

I found a sword model that I would very much enjoy being able to use in-game. =D Here it is. It...

25th July 2009 09:07

Are you still working on it? <_

18th July 2009 05:07

If you make a version with the Jedi Adventure Robe, and perhaps just all the costume variants, mebeh...

16th July 2009 04:07

Thankyouthankyouthankyou :D

15th July 2009 04:07


14th July 2009 09:07

Uh... But I don't even know how to do that much >> And I still haven't gotten a file or anythi...

14th July 2009 08:07

Is that bad? D=

13th July 2009 05:07

Uhm... I wasn't given any files or anything, and I still have no idea how to texture or program in b...

13th July 2009 03:07

I se.. o-o So uhms, are you fixing the model's length? =D

12th July 2009 18:07

1.5 meter BLADE, not hilt. The hilt is only an inch or two longer than normal.

11th July 2009 04:07

Could I get a copy too, for a similar reason? :D

8th January 2009 00:01

Actually all those shiny decorative lines are such are there on purpose. They are just to make it lo...

10th July 2009 23:07

The blade emitter is that bullet-shaped bit on the right. It can be wielded either way. If you made...

10th July 2009 17:07

I'm not sure if anyone is working on a model of the Sith Warriors from the TOR 'Deceived' trailer. T...

10th July 2009 07:07

Greetings. I would like to propose the creation of a model that emulates that of the Keeper Enforcer...

21st February 2009 01:02

I cant find it ):

28th January 2009 08:01

I have a ship sugjestion!! Maybe you could add the planet Hapes, and add Battle Dragons and Nova-cla...

24th January 2009 14:01

When do you think it'll be released? :D

23rd January 2009 10:01

I would Really like an answer my my question; How do I modify a unit's stats, including health, shie...

21st January 2009 10:01

I didn't post there. I checked, and that's the thread I posted HERE. It was deleted WITHOUT my knowl...

19th January 2009 01:01

For some reason, an admin, with no reason that had been posted or PMed to me, deleted the thread I m...

18th January 2009 18:01
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