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>Omen<;5028815If you're POed about the delay, just get Op Flashpoint: Dragon Rising while you'...

7th October 2009 11:10

Lawl. too bad you have to use a controller. Taking 4 seconds to turn around? no thanks.

7th October 2009 10:10

crisissuit3;5028546well I have tried that before but I'm always held back by one big flaw. My ping i...

7th October 2009 07:10

I think thats only for UK. I haven't seen any reports of it changing from US sources. crisissuit3;5...

7th October 2009 05:10

I would have gotten the XFX because of the lifetime warranty. But have fun with your new card :D

7th October 2009 05:10

||G||;5028450Yes I know but I read about the Sapphire 4850 (what you suggested) and they all say it...

7th October 2009 05:10

4850 I suggested :d

7th October 2009 03:10

Looking for any of you guys with a bigass TN panel to chime in on this one. Im looking at selling my...

7th October 2009 14:10

For consoles. Pc games have NEVER been $60 for a normal non-collectors edition game.

8th October 2009 02:10

Metall_pingwin;5030445That's a strange cutoff... Considering almost all new releases are five dollar...

12th October 2009 04:10

I'd say $45 is the max I'll spend on a game. I refuse to pay $50+ for a game no matter how "good" it...

8th October 2009 23:10

Nah, they're jaggies.

10th October 2009 13:10

Real life has jaggies. Unless you have perfect vision.

10th October 2009 11:10

holy dead thread.

10th October 2009 02:10

Maybe you have a bad pcie port. Or perhaps your PSU is fail.

10th October 2009 02:10

NiteStryker;5030854Getting a nosebleed? Up there on your pedestal? obviously.Jealous?

9th October 2009 08:10

I dont know about you, but I find consoles to be extremely laggy. Perhaps I've been spoiled from my...

9th October 2009 08:10

the MP isn't going to bother me at all. They must have ballanced it in some way or another. And if n...

8th October 2009 23:10

Metall_pingwin;5029422Epic. I'm still a little doubtful of whether you weren't an exception (for exa...

8th October 2009 04:10

NiteStryker;5029838Better than the shitty 30 FPS most of you will deal with, or windows compatibilit...

8th October 2009 11:10

eh. Deagle is better than g3 anyway. <3 deagle.

8th October 2009 06:10

Spraying with any gun is easy. Did they nerf the guns?

8th October 2009 05:10

nazoa93;5029553It's not spraying, I am very precise, people say I spray because I use steady aim, bu...

8th October 2009 05:10

well, I'll only be using it for gaming and a few other things so its not like the viewing angle will...

8th October 2009 05:10

MrFancypants;5029542Aha, an advertiser stole someone's account information. =p lolz you're silly :)

8th October 2009 05:10