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12th March 2008 17:03

Breathing doesn't effect your aim at all? Even If you have just finished a few hundred meter sprint?

12th March 2008 20:03

Well you will have to breath at some point, and thats where the sway should kick in (says the guy wh...

12th March 2008 20:03

Like all the 16 player version maps we have now? :P I've said it before, try out 16 player supercha...

13th March 2008 06:03

You made me go and find this update from 2005 As the title says FH will be in the box - not the bo...

13th March 2008 07:03

You could just come up with a fake email address, no confirmation info or anything like this is sent...

14th March 2008 07:03

My guess for Normandy is next Chritmas. I demand a cookie when it turns out I'm right.

14th March 2008 09:03

Byson, could you name one of those unbearable bugs and one of those new better games that are goming...

14th March 2008 11:03

Well if the imposter is on the same server as the victim, admins might choose to have the real perso...

15th March 2008 09:03

Check if you don't have any strange filters turned on by default.

16th March 2008 20:03

Well thats because there is no link :P Go and check the homepage: Forgotten Hope

7th March 2008 12:03

My guess is these will stay up for 40 more minutes or so :P lookin good!

17th March 2008 15:03

No he didnt. So far you are the only one who's used the words shitty and crap. To not like something...

21st March 2008 15:03

I have the distance set to 100% and I still have this

22nd March 2008 06:03

Leave Von Mudrow alone this instant!

22nd March 2008 09:03

You mean awesome in a totally not awesome way?

25th March 2008 17:03

I can't believe I actually used it in that conyext, I used to jump on people using that when it was...

25th March 2008 17:03

Getting late Natty? :P LordInvictus;4274964 Now if you are asking how I got on this page, through...

25th March 2008 19:03

wjlasloThe2nd;4275571I meant you can't fire two different weapons. This is the reason we can't fir...

26th March 2008 07:03

Firstly I want to say I'd be more than happy to pay for FH, hell, I even recall making a thread on h...

26th March 2008 07:03

The Nazi germany can definately be considered the bad guys as you put it. But you cannot say (and no...

26th March 2008 08:03

Actually at the moment we have 91 members out of who 66 are active. The problem is we have members b...

9th March 2008 08:03

Wait, so FH2 is in a race with PR?

5th March 2008 19:03

'[HIWk~;4165285']I rarely use squad tactics for two reasons: (1) few squads that will follow or squa...

19th January 2008 06:01

Maybe for AT rifles as they'd still be pretty useless, but definitely not for MG34's, that would mak...

20th January 2008 08:01