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Lt.M@rv;3629253... but still, you can somehow bail out, cool huh? Well we could make it more natura...

13th April 2007 17:04

Bump Why is this still not a sticky?

15th April 2007 14:04

Thaa-at, thaa-at dude looks like a lady

15th April 2007 21:04

Why is this different from FH1? I mean, we don't have data verification back there and I haven't see...

16th April 2007 19:04

Doom 3 failed to scare me. FEAR on the other hand...

17th May 2007 23:05

There are tractors in real life?

16th April 2007 19:04

Whooah at the view distance! System specs: Spoiler: Show Minimum Specification: CPU: 2 Ghz...

20th April 2007 10:04

I say the system is too dependent on commander, what if no-one wants to take up the position or the...

20th April 2007 13:04

banzai charge As we only have 32 players per side, I'd estimate that these charges would mainly con...

20th April 2007 14:04

20th April 2007 19:04

I like the cat version better... =P

21st April 2007 13:04

[SIZE=-1]Kasimir Malevich's Black Square pwns that cross combined with a circle[/SIZE]

21st April 2007 15:04

Lag. The more there will be such objects the more it will lag. I haven't played that POE's map, bu...

24th April 2007 23:04

Btw are you guys planning to post another one of those "status and random numbers " updates? The one...

5th May 2007 11:05

I was referring to these kind of updates: ctz;3283291We just put together our latest internal buil...

6th May 2007 01:05

stylie;3665746Trying again... Network admin pwns post jumping... ***edit*** SONOFABITCH!!...

8th May 2007 11:05

Canon? Pfft... A real man makes his own camera

8th May 2007 23:05

We're doing Monty Python, huh? Well, here's one of my favorites, the argument sketch: pwnt

14th May 2007 01:05

It still tastes the same as a regular one.

15th May 2007 19:05

This is so infuriating, its just beyond words really. Until now everyone dislikeing the soviet union...

7th June 2009 16:06