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on behalf of "Sgt. Kar98", ive made a poll to see who wants/prefers bots and human players. btw,...

5th December 2004 13:12

^ yep, the jap bomber btw, hi newio :)

2nd December 2004 11:12

um, i know at least one server thats running 1.61. its our good ol' aussie Game Arena server :)

2nd December 2004 13:12

since .66 is mainly a bug fix patch, i would say that we can finally play that level :)

3rd December 2004 08:12

its really quite simple, realism is important as long as it doesnt reduce the "fun factor" too much....

3rd December 2004 08:12

^ but would make it super fun!. or maybe each team get 2 spawns of each ship and then its over?

3rd December 2004 13:12

ive got an idea, why not make it so enemy ships show up on the mini map? not infantry or planes, jus...

4th December 2004 07:12

^lol if theres anyone from the asia region as a whole im sure theyre welcome to come. and it might...

14th March 2007 20:03