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i'm using jk2 radiant in win-me while making domed tops when i make the cap inverted bevel and try t...

15th March 2004 13:03

MeusHKris04 (Estel), does it work? Is it what you wanted? yeah thanx :fixed: :fixed:

7th April 2004 12:04

thanx, do u no y rich diesal stopped the tuts

28th March 2004 18:03

MeusHRead it. I know the same as you. He had just no time. i did everything u said ,i created reb...

29th March 2004 11:03

how 2 create new npc without replacing the old ones? i saw coffee stains tut and did as was said but...

29th March 2004 23:03

the thing is i got the darth vader npc in the game but it is not using the saber it is shooting the...

31st March 2004 00:03

thanx man . i did not get jka yet i placed an order but it'll take another week untill i get my ha...

31st March 2004 10:03

wow challenge is cool ,it has yoda 2 thanx meush

31st March 2004 12:03

u can download new charectors from jk2files or force temple like yoda darth maul etc

31st March 2004 13:03

i am doing an outdoor map for the first time can any one tell how to create the mountains is th...

7th April 2004 23:04

can v change mp skins to sp

28th March 2004 01:03

thanx guys, is there any tutorial for creating custom textures?

8th April 2004 09:04

who do u think is more powerful master yoda or the emperor i'd bet on yoda

8th April 2004 23:04

but yoda would'nt kill any one he is too wise for that

9th April 2004 18:04

is there any skybox tutorial in this forum?

9th April 2004 18:04

yoda did'nt even know sith existed ,they thaught sith was extinct for a 1000 years more than his li...

10th April 2004 08:04

i downloaded ep-1 duel mod,and it was in the mods menu alright after i loaded it and went into the l...

11th April 2004 20:04

kylek....Inside of the PK3 which can be opened by renaming it to .zip then editing and replacing the...

12th April 2004 22:04

MeusHI can. Just make npc how i have darth maul mace windu morpheus neo legolas etc i want 2 cha...

28th March 2004 13:03

u can easily convert the charectors in the game to kyles skin if u want 2 know see the skinning thr...

27th March 2004 17:03

hi i'm new to mp can any one help me with saber moves

18th March 2004 19:03

thanks N3G1@ , I HAD NO PROBLEMS

23rd March 2004 10:03

when i'm playing its like i'm always pushed is it due to lagging?

19th March 2004 13:03

r there any indian servers in jk2 so that ican play mp with out the damn lagging (my ping is awfull)

19th March 2004 13:03

r there any indian mp servers so i can play without lagging

19th March 2004 18:03
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