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I know a thing or two about weapons. And would be interested in helping you with some voice acting!...

6th October 2004 17:10

Oh, you live in (almost) the same timezone as I do - good, gooood. Let me introduce myself - a dumba...

11th July 2008 03:07

Hi, I'm trying to get back to FH2 but before I do that I promised myself that I'll be able t use voi...

30th July 2008 20:07

I can already tell that you want to buy a new PC but just seeks confirmation for it (and where else...

29th July 2008 15:07

And I was so happy by not posting anything in a while but I couldn't leave THIS alone. >>CLIC...

23rd July 2008 07:07

I was like: "God DAMN! I have to make one of these myself one day." Unfortunately I couldn't hear th...

14th July 2008 04:07

12th July 2008 21:07

Yes, you.

12th July 2008 17:07

But how this baloon is collecting the methan gas... wait, I think I don't want to know.

11th July 2008 03:07

This Mozambque flag has a Kalshnikov on it! Can it get cooler than that or wut?

11th July 2008 03:07

A bad nurse will turn that rest home into a nightmare home with ease.

31st July 2008 02:07

Archmage Cleps;4425755Napoleon pwned Poland...I think... Ummm... no?

10th July 2008 17:07

Sorry, no shield if Poland says "no".

9th July 2008 08:07

I liked the description of G8 in TV today: "It's a meeting of leaders of 7 most advanced countries a...

9th July 2008 07:07

jumjum;4424669 Man, Bush's evil powers must be incredibly incredibly strong to cloud people's minds...

9th July 2008 03:07

Get out from ma hood!

8th July 2008 23:07

You talk about them like they're some kind of Moby Dicks...

8th July 2008 19:07

Looks like a pilot error to me.

8th July 2008 16:07

I don't even have to explain it EDIT: Oh noes!:uhoh:

31st July 2008 02:07

Those guys pwned so called "New age Medicine" in one of their episodes, and they pwned it hard! Ed...

31st July 2008 02:07

"Ai ma madre!" that was gruesome. Btw, the thread title is quite missdirecting.

8th July 2008 07:07

After reading that post I would like to hug dread.. just... just this once.

3rd August 2008 19:08

Great, then there is one last thing to do bout the arty. As said before, spots should be made in lin...

5th August 2008 19:08

I congratulate you.

5th August 2008 19:08

That exile wasn't so bad, especially when you count in the hug before it :p.

4th August 2008 16:08