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This sumertime thing sucks big time. Ok, let me check that -> 19.00 (7pm) + (5hrs + 2hrs) = 19.00...

24th April 2008 00:04

Could you give GMT time, please?

23rd April 2008 21:04

Go go (ras)putin!

25th April 2008 18:04

FH = game...

26th April 2008 00:04

I'm waiting for the PC version so plz don't be cruel saying how great it is...

30th April 2008 03:04

Destroy all the guns in this thread!!

29th April 2008 05:04

Flippy Warbear;4324374They wont shoot their own! Hah! Teamkill isn't something new for them.

30th April 2008 03:04

Hslan monkeys will shoot those down!

30th April 2008 01:04

I'll hire Chuck Norris... and Lord Vader... and Indiana Jones... and few Star Destroyers just in cas...

29th April 2008 22:04

This cascade of qustion sure is gonna give the devs some sleepless nights...

29th April 2008 20:04

I think there should be an angry mob with pitchforks and torches near his house any time now. And wh...

29th April 2008 20:04

A Donkey with Eddie Murphy!

29th April 2008 10:04

hockeywarrior2;4323720Yeah, man I really feel your pain there. I simply don't play FH2 much anymore...

29th April 2008 10:04

Prequel pwns the sequel. Edit: DARN... if it wasn't for you an this pesky kids.

28th April 2008 17:04

Cheomesh;4319488Ah balls. Didn't see this till just now. Well, you only missed a six player mini su...

26th April 2008 18:04

Y'know what happens when you eat too much of those... Even Mario would be high.

28th April 2008 08:04

She's a hero judge and more... plastic.

27th April 2008 16:04

And where have YOU been all that time? Thats a bit hypocritic thinking y'know.

27th April 2008 08:04

Tedacious;4320101impossible with the BF2 engi... erhm; players. Engine doesn't support smart player...

27th April 2008 00:04

Matrix fatal error which name is... Lion King?

27th April 2008 00:04

Why do I have a feeling that this thread is going to be hell...

26th April 2008 22:04

26th April 2008 22:04

I must be some kind of game masohist. When I read bout those pistols with knives I already had a fan...

26th April 2008 18:04

Nostalgia is a terrible thing. Thankfully for me I got more used to people than to the forum so the...

28th July 2010 03:07