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I belong to the {94th} clan, and i was spectating a guy on our server who was using an enfield and h...

6th March 2004 04:03

get seismovision if u want to watch ur demos. it lets u stop, fast-forward and slow down ur demos

13th April 2004 02:04

ya dude u got 2 go to multiplayer options and enable it

23rd April 2004 00:04

SovetskeeyA good wallhacker knows how to avoid being caught with it... they might as well use that...

21st April 2004 20:04

PB won't fully work for a week or so...

21st April 2004 20:04

TankmeisterOMG!, i just hate the 1.4, i haven't yet tested it, but it can't be any good, How can u c...

21st April 2004 20:04

u hear that u got 2 more weeks to screw up everyones game so play alot and the I HOPE ALL CHEATERS :...

21st April 2004 01:04

this is gonna b a flame thread

21st April 2004 01:04


21st April 2004 00:04

ya sry im using xp, but i want to b able to use my mic to talk and not hear myself. this was possibl...

20th April 2004 23:04

ingame: KubaN X-fire : KubaN

20th April 2004 01:04

i just got a new sound card (audigy 2 zs) and i have a mic connected to mi comp and now when i talk...

19th April 2004 23:04

ya i see that happen quite alot and 1.1 kicked ass, but when IW put out the 1.2, and 1.3 patches the...

18th April 2004 22:04

ya u need 1.2, or 1.3 to play hq

18th April 2004 22:04

nighteyesI think that WWII was the best war gameplay wise (No guys, this isn't a flamebait, let me e...

9th April 2004 00:04

well then lets leave it at this. i tank w/ the moving turret idea is not bad

23rd April 2004 21:04

wow, way to recover

8th April 2004 00:04

i rum XP and on my comp. its in program files/call of duty

8th April 2004 00:04

CoD is the best WWll game out there its, simplicity and ease to play make it ridiculously addictive

8th April 2004 00:04

i use a logitch keyboard and every once in a while tho very rarely my movement keys stick

5th April 2004 01:04

thx for the info darwin i didnt know that, it might inprove my game if i remember all of it

4th April 2004 18:04

what is that cuz it did it to me once

4th April 2004 00:04

if its not too much to aks can u plz change it from kuban to KubaN THX in advance oh yeah!! w00t!!...

3rd April 2004 04:04

the setting is not off by default but some servers running realism mods will take off ur crosshairs...

1st April 2004 02:04

ill listen to it when ur done, and to post it just attach it to ur post

1st April 2004 02:04