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Ive played this mod before that made the human pistol about as powerful as the rocket launcher, so t...

11th September 2004 06:09

2 Questions. How big does it need to be, and what the hell is a deagle?

22nd November 2006 17:11

23rd November 2006 15:11

They're more guide lines than rules. I'll give it a go by the way.

23rd November 2006 15:11

Thanks mate! :cheers:

23rd November 2006 15:11

Religion should be studied from an objective view, how at affects peoples daily lives etc.

23rd November 2006 15:11

Look, all he's saying is that from his experiances, clans gatherings like this don't work. Hate to s...

23rd November 2006 15:11

23rd November 2006 14:11

On it.

23rd November 2006 14:11

People are stuck repenting for the sins of their forefathers. To be honest I don't see that as a suc...

23rd November 2006 03:11

Seems like you got my vote once again...

22nd November 2006 17:11

What the hell, I posted a sig here and now its gone...

24th November 2006 03:11

Hold up No Leaf Clover, did you actually make the 1337 C4D render?

22nd November 2006 16:11

Um...this is why we read the booklet which comes with the game. :P If not, check out the moves list...

21st November 2006 17:11

Clones became storm troopers, but they brought in new strands of DNA to get varied Clones.

21st November 2006 17:11

Captain Blade;3374412Racism is very stupid.. For example, some black people(Now dont get all mad, I...

21st November 2006 16:11

Thank you, currently second! =o Well I forgot to post my 3rd and 2nd choice: 1) No Leaf clover (Al...

21st November 2006 16:11

Captain Amerika;3373855Black history month is racist in itself. To show the differences means acknow...

21st November 2006 14:11

Radicalmonkeyhead;3377386Yes very nice NLC. You could even get a similiar affect by doing some blurr...

23rd November 2006 17:11

Ohhhhhh I posted in the main Graphics forums. -_-

24th November 2006 10:11

Teh Maquis;3373277Nice render Kwaber Thanks, but it was a stock picture. o.o Spoiler: Show My v...

21st November 2006 13:11

Links don't work.

26th November 2006 16:11

Hey, doesn't hurt to try. I mean, someone inspired Inyri to do that Roxas, and look how well that on...

4th December 2006 12:12


3rd December 2006 07:12

8/10 needs another gradiant on a low opacity, then a photo filter I think.

29th November 2006 11:11