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I have a p3 750 (sorry) radeon 7500 64 384mb ram When i had me Battlefield ran perfect, but now tha...

14th January 2003 03:01

Group: Protoform Posts: 1 Joined: Yesterday, 09:48 AM Member No.: 12,566 Faction: Predacon I usuall...

17th June 2009 14:06

I just rewatched BOB last week, i had forgotten how incredible it is. Cannot wait for this

17th June 2009 15:06

breaking bad, in treatment, reno 911,

17th June 2009 16:06

they are great movies, but poor films... (supposed to not make sense)

18th June 2009 12:06

Anyone know if any transformer 2 free online games exist? My son is interested and i can't seem to f...

18th June 2009 12:06

Got to see TF2 last night, and everything i said was pretty much true was bigger and bette...

23rd June 2009 12:06

Anyone feel like helping me open all my cards?

23rd June 2009 12:06

waiting is the hardest part

23rd June 2009 13:06

Mister lonely gummo antichrist Rushmore Away from her

23rd June 2009 14:06

excellent, PM me

26th June 2009 18:06

i want to play this so bad

26th June 2009 19:06