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If only :D

21st July 2003 17:07

Just found this hot one: :p

21st July 2003 17:07

That's exactly why I fancy her - she is one of the very few left in Hollywood who has any 'soul' or...

21st July 2003 16:07

I've got a soft spot for Sandra - she's so cute. :love:

20th July 2003 18:07

She's a babe. :p :p I love this poster of her - she reminds me of Milla J. in Resident Evil. (I wan...

20th July 2003 18:07

Nope it's not that one actually. Haven't seen that one before ;) It's the 'standard' one which you...

20th July 2003 17:07

There seemed to be no soul to the story - due to the way it was told (thanks to rushed editing). And...

12th July 2003 16:07

I met Atomic Kitten a few years back at a music awards show :)

10th July 2003 18:07

I love Angelina, she's so sexy :love: ;) I've ordered a Cradle of Life quad poster off eBay... can...

10th July 2003 17:07

With the Activision ~vs~ Paramount lawsuit looming, this looks increasingly unlikely. Unless Paramou...

9th July 2003 17:07

That's great news ! Shame they couldn't find a similar agreement for Enterprise :D

27th March 2005 11:03