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Hi, Ime new to mapping and was wondering if ther was any way to take the reborn model in JK2 and...

23rd May 2004 16:05

How do you do that?:confused:

23rd May 2004 17:05

ime not too good at modeling either just mapping, is trher any1 that could make an md3 that looks li...

24th May 2004 00:05

is'nt ther a way to get the .glm model and change it into a .md3?

24th May 2004 00:05

do you know what software i would need or know any1 that does know? :bows:

24th May 2004 21:05

would Gmax work?

25th May 2004 21:05

would'nt it act like just any ordinary md3?

26th May 2004 23:05

Well ive been working on a mod for JK2 and on the first level u gotta go into a temple and kill thin...

3rd June 2004 01:06

u done this thread twice

3rd June 2004 01:06

cool thnx

3rd June 2004 15:06

also do you know how to change the force powers?

3rd June 2004 18:06

Ther is'nt just single tools for making mods

3rd June 2004 18:06

Is ther any1 out ther who can tell me how to change force powers in a mod? Ile realy appreciate your...

3rd June 2004 18:06


5th June 2004 22:06

yeah sry thnx

5th June 2004 22:06

the title says it all plz help

11th August 2004 17:08