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I'm with George--looks like ass, no thanks to the smarmy Affleck who runs on one gear. Want proof t...

6th June 2002 13:06

Thomas, I'm heading to Oregon tomorrow and my bro has a cable modem, so let's set up a SOCOM game....

4th September 2002 06:09

Oregon is Pacific Time, same as LA.

4th September 2002 13:09

I don't get it.

5th September 2002 00:09

Dude, I'm lame. I forgot my SOCOM game in Lalaland. If I can find one here, I'll buy it and retu...

6th September 2002 09:09

Would you believe I've never touched the stuff in my entire 26 years?

7th September 2002 07:09

Well, believe it.

7th September 2002 23:09

Kev, they had to clear airtime so they could show "Assault on Dome 6" eighty more times before the e...

7th September 2002 23:09

I'm annoying straight-laced when it comes to drugs. Much to the chagrin of my friends in college.

8th September 2002 02:09

Anybody following this show? Solid season opener tonight. Dealt directly with the "mythology." Un...

25th September 2002 15:09

Kev, buy a TiVo. It will change your life. I would throw away the microwave and the XBox before I...

26th September 2002 04:09

Rick, didja ever get that apple I sent you?

26th September 2002 10:09