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Ok im making one of the maps from the game condemed 2 its the school. Im not trying to make it a re...

16th August 2008 05:08

lol I made a stupid mistake thats all put the wrong name for a shader but it worked and Thank you so...

17th July 2008 09:07

ok well im new at mapping and i have a few quetions so if any one could answer them that would be gr...

18th October 2007 10:10

that would help A lot if you could thank you for helping me! :D

14th January 2008 14:01

yeah I saw that site today and thought cool maybe I can find some resident evil skins here then noti...

21st January 2008 13:01

well if someone could make the model and weigh it then I could add npc and sp support and maybe soun...

21st January 2008 09:01

hello If anyone could make a rebecca or barry skin it would be greatly appreciated I've searched...

21st January 2008 08:01

ok I put the tile texture in a map and Im not sure if I set them up right or not... and its not lett...

15th January 2008 13:01

wait there isnt a bsp file so should I make my own map then put the texture on there and take a sree...

15th January 2008 12:01

ok Ill check it out now and take a sreenshot

15th January 2008 12:01

alright I got about 2 more hours till I gatta get going so ill wait

15th January 2008 12:01

ok are you going to post the map bsp or pk3 here?

15th January 2008 11:01

ok Ill test it but how?

15th January 2008 11:01

I try two things I can make my own texture and I could maybe also get another one, but one thing I s...

15th January 2008 11:01

yes making it look foggy inside would be a nice touch thanks

14th January 2008 23:01

um Im kinda new at making textures so how do I make a env map texture?

14th January 2008 11:01

there are a few for jk3 but there not the right colors there like black and blue sorry there arnt a...

21st January 2008 13:01

how would I go about making a tile texture thats clear but has a sort of shiny glossy look to it h...

14th January 2008 10:01

try opening the assets 0 pk3 in your base with pakscape then go into ex_data then npcs and in the...

31st December 2007 13:12

I would like to do reskin of a default stromtrooper from the game to make them look more shiny and r...

15th December 2007 09:12

thanks it did but i use gimp not photoshop so does that matter

15th December 2007 09:12

umm what does that mean?

27th November 2007 07:11

ok I dont know if this has been answerd or not but im having trouble putting my custom texures in th...

26th November 2007 10:11

thank you for the info but one last thing how do i extract it and save it to my harddrive?

20th November 2007 22:11

and how would I do that? I opened the npc file and then I opened it with word pad and changed the he...

19th November 2007 11:11