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depends on what your downloading if its a pk3 for a mod you dont need to open it you just put it in...

13th May 2008 08:05

uhhh where does it say build on the program I cant find it and thanks for the help

13th May 2008 04:05

I have the program but where does it say build I just opened up one of the codes cg_public do I put...

12th May 2008 03:05

ok ill try that thank you for the info

12th May 2008 03:05

I have done all the editing to sdk but now I dont know how to compile it to the game to make it work...

12th May 2008 02:05

thank you for that page but would that code work in jk3 or would I have to use my own? and affter...

12th May 2008 00:05

ok thank you ill try that.

12th May 2008 00:05

theultimat;5457160Yes, but you can't export any player models through blender. wow thats to bad, kin...

21st January 2011 07:01