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does voice activated stuff work on BC. i have the software, and it works for other game, just wonder...

11th May 2005 22:05

Ok, thanks

12th May 2005 01:05

well, since you have it, how do i activate it?

12th May 2005 08:05

I have,microsoft english recognizer v.5.1, does that work with bc, or do i have to buy Game Voice? M...

12th May 2005 21:05

What do you use? GC2 or GV? do i have to pay for them? if not, then can you send me the site for do...

13th May 2005 19:05

i mean post the site here.

13th May 2005 19:05

that sucks, oh well.

16th May 2005 20:05

So hows it working out? Haven't heard anything in a while

11th August 2005 09:08

Admiral KrauseDo the Borg really have shields? All I saw was hull impacts. Well i don't think th...

21st August 2005 21:08

Its not just that the shields are closer to the hull its that it has a differen't texture. The color...

12th January 2006 10:01

This is what i get when i try to run BC. I'v reinstalled it, did a clean install, restarted comp, n...

6th December 2006 04:12

Ok thanks i'll try it, i must not have had the entire BC installed(i did it many times so thats not...

6th December 2006 06:12