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Heretic's Gate, Dawn of War Downloads, Dawn of War Maps Orion Base, Dawn of War Downloads, Dawn of W...

17th August 2007 01:08

Delete the movie marines mod folder and module file

17th August 2007 01:08

Relic Forums - [Dark Eldar] Status as of 5/24/2007 Still being worked on

17th August 2007 01:08

Relic Forums - Survival Map - The Battle for Macragge:first contact (Beta) The Battle for Macragge...

16th August 2007 22:08

Good job, how long till the next episode is released?

13th August 2007 05:08

Use the mod packager from DC mod tools to extract the DXP2 data.sga the campaign maps should be in S...

25th July 2007 21:07

RelicNews Forums - Havoc is leaving. Sorry people. || Usefull stuff here -> There's a tau Piran...

8th February 2008 07:02

linear by the sounds of it. RelicNews Forums - !! NEW !! [SS] DOW Darkness Within - An ASID Campai...

14th February 2008 07:02

Try here it might have what you're looing for http://wh40k.ei8ht.net/

9th April 2007 06:04

No idea so I'll wait for the Void Dragon RelicNews Forums - God Units Epic - Void Dragon (Large Im...

20th April 2008 01:04

HHMP thread RelicNews Forums - Horus Heresy MP [SS] | PreAlpha2 [for DC] p.1 | 09/09/13: Mod overhau...

29th September 2009 02:09

Dawn of Warhammer 40,000: Firestorm Over Kronus • View topic - DoW40K:FOK RC1003 is live! you can...

1st January 2009 06:01

RelicNews Forums - [MOD] Dawn of Warhammer 40K:Firestorm (Dark Crusade only) - Beta 3.1 available

9th September 2008 06:09

Yeah for SS and DC Tyranid Mod 0.45SS, Dawn of War Downloads, Dawn of War Mods Tyranid Mod (0.45...

22nd August 2008 02:08

spacemarine912;4498464were is ss bug fix RelicNews Forums - Soulstorm Bugfix mod 1.10

11th August 2008 05:08

You could try the add Requiredmod# = 'name of mod' line in the module file

27th July 2008 06:07

It's in the heightmap edit click on the presets water levels are found there.

23rd July 2008 22:07

RelicNews Forums - Inquisition : Daemonhunt. A mod for DC 1.2 Post1773 SS beta

20th July 2008 19:07

It died.

9th July 2008 02:07

http://spacedragons.free.fr/files/IDH_beta2_SS.rar Haven't tried it but I think Thud up graded the...

29th June 2008 06:06

NetZero Support - Value-priced Internet Service Provider - ISP - Free, low-cost and HiSpeed Internet...

28th June 2008 00:06

Open the application called ME here's a guide on what to do RelicNews Forums - Mission Editor Guide

9th June 2008 06:06

Check Croaxleighs thread he's working on a few diffrent mods RelicNews Forums - [MOD] Something Wic...

2nd June 2008 02:06


29th April 2008 20:04

Are you using a hotmail account? Cause I think they've had problems with hotmail in the past. Reli...

8th April 2008 06:04