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After you reinstalled DC did you patch it up to 1.2?

24th February 2008 03:02

RelicNews Forums - [MOD-DC] Thousand Sons (Tsons) Mod v0.010 - code only for now As it says code o...

8th April 2008 00:04

Current Patch: Soulstorm Hotfix (SoB Resource, Harlequin, and DE Observer bug fix) (1.1) confirme...

3rd April 2008 21:04

RelicNews Forums - Guide: Converting DoW/WA Music Try the last few pages of the thread I thinnk it...

2nd April 2008 03:04

I think FoK DowXP and the TTRU mod have all re sized their vehicles

29th March 2008 20:03

RelicNews Forums - GIMP badges and banners Worked for me.

26th March 2008 06:03

http://forums.filefront.com/dawn-war-soulstorm-general-discussion/354990-just-me.html See post#5

21st March 2008 05:03

DoW Kingdom, Dawn of War Downloads, Dawn of War Mini-mods Campaign mod for DC

15th March 2008 08:03

They released these yesterday. Soulstorm .LUAs and DoW Max 9 Exporter

9th March 2008 20:03

I've payed three campaign missions one defence and one skirmish mission and I'm bored with it alread...

8th March 2008 09:03

Have to agree with you Colonialhockey10, the only good thing about it was the case it came in.

8th March 2008 05:03

RRP £24.99 Save £5.00 £19.99 More Info THQ Release date: 07/03/2008 Search Results at GAME.co...

1st March 2008 01:03

If you have DOW only patched to 1.4 then yes

1st March 2008 00:03

Does it work with any other mods or doesn't it read any of them now?

26th February 2008 03:02

I've had the error myself and my games legal.

24th February 2008 08:02

Look here http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?p=1886793#post1886793 third post down, use the...

12th April 2007 05:04

Try here they're Beta but they work ok http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=119850

7th February 2007 05:02

Try looking at fneeps mineworks forum maybe someone there knows http://mineworks.forumup.pl/index.ph...

5th July 2006 04:07

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15th August 2006 06:08

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28th August 2006 00:08

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27th August 2006 23:08

ECP is emergency contraceptive pill, so I'm guessing the same thing. The once-off pill, not the regu...

27th August 2006 17:08

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27th August 2006 17:08

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27th August 2006 05:08

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27th August 2006 05:08