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Hello, I'm Light Mage and have what I hope is a simple request that would be very appreciated. Wha...

29th May 2005 09:05

Sounds interesting to me, I'd give it a download.

1st July 2006 10:07

I'd do it, but GMAX hates me and I'm still trying to beat it into submission.

6th August 2006 03:08

My vote's for the regular plasma rifle, just because I prefer it's color scheme over the brute rifle...

30th July 2006 08:07

You'd also have to make two skins for each model, one with Byakugan activated and one without.

23rd July 2006 08:07

That would be fricken sweet model.

23rd July 2006 08:07

I like Rosh... with my saber through his head. A female Rosh would be a nice change, though.

23rd July 2006 07:07

I'd personally rather have the needler than the ma5b, but if someone could make the bowcaster fire f...

23rd July 2006 03:07

The needler would probably replace the heavy repeater, not the bowcaster.

17th July 2006 06:07

Matellica's ok, but I'm really more of Zeppelin man myself. You should do one one of Jimmy Page with...

17th July 2006 04:07

Very nice, Jose. It's just too bad that you can't make it work like real a nunchaku without rewritin...

17th July 2006 04:07

Sweet model, but I would've given him a Flying V. P.S. Would you guys please give it a rest with t...

13th July 2006 11:07

Nice, and the bowcaster sounds are remarkably similar. Close enough for me anyways. They're just a b...

13th July 2006 11:07

And it has a rifle stock instead of a pistol grip. Looking good on the plasma pistol, BTW.

5th July 2006 00:07

I don't know but wikipedia does. http://

30th June 2006 06:06

Ok, thanks. Here's a few more pics for anyone that's interested: A first person shot A couple m...

29th May 2005 10:05

I haven't played FF8 in forever, so I may be wrong, but doesn't Seifer try and shoot Squal in the op...

30th June 2006 05:06

Hey, Inyri, I just got around to downloading your gunblades and I love the hyperion. While I was pla...

29th June 2006 14:06

It looks similar to the Halo shotgun, but, then again, the Halo shotgun is the most contemporary loo...

29th June 2006 14:06

This sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to see the completed thing.:)

27th June 2006 04:06


14th August 2005 13:08

I'm making a giant saber hilt that's going to require a GIGANTIC blade, so I was wondering how you e...

14th August 2005 13:08

Chooiebooger's helping me, but thanks for the offer.:) Also I've just uploaded my first saber on p...

13th August 2005 06:08

thanks chooie, and yod@ I already tried all of the plugins I could find, none of them work :(

12th August 2005 15:08

I recently started using G Max and I would like to start making saber models to use in game, but for...

12th August 2005 11:08
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