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what do you guys think is better Internet Explorer or Firefox?:uhm:

26th February 2004 04:02

i do have both of those.. can you tell me how to do it though?

14th February 2005 00:02

hey i was just wondering how do you make a dvd out of video files in your computer? respond asap thx...

14th February 2005 00:02

hey guys i have a jvc digital video camera... in the manual it says you can turn it into a webcam.....

9th January 2005 22:01

thats not the problem the problem is im having trouble putting it on windows movie maker

7th January 2005 01:01

ok soo i recorded some stuff that me and my friends did i put it on the computer using the pixela im...

6th January 2005 20:01

well my friend still has my xbox soo i cant really call yet

12th December 2004 19:12

yea imma do that later i called the nearest best buy and asked if they fix xboxs they say they dont...

12th December 2004 19:12

ok im going to try that thx

12th December 2004 17:12

no thats no the problem when i turn it on it starts flashig green and red and then it says i have t...

12th December 2004 16:12

but i dont know how to do that stuff anyway do you know any public stores i can get it fixed?

12th December 2004 02:12

nope he got it from his other friend. so what should i do?

12th December 2004 02:12

hey my friend is giving me a broken xbox and iwas wondering where do you get it repaired at respond...

12th December 2004 02:12

o hey thanks man im gonna try that out soon if that dont work ill post it and people help me!!

21st November 2004 17:11

.vob viles? i just want to make a dvd of the video files i have in my computer i use nero express 6....

14th February 2005 07:02

i am in the mission where you work for the cops where you get these fire things and then you throw t...

21st November 2004 07:11

when i copied it it didn't work i thinksomething is rong with my keyboard it is a cheapy 1 anyway

21st November 2004 02:11

like i wana show my frieends a photo of me usin firefox.... but i dunno how to take a snapshot omy d...

20th November 2004 18:11

to me it is kinda the same to vice city its just that there are new missions and some new fetures in...

13th November 2004 17:11

i had this major gang war with the balla's and the cop car came by he didnt give a :Censored: it w...

13th November 2004 07:11

i agree just eat like 1 meal every time you play (thats wat i do ^_^) and work out i mean i go to th...

13th November 2004 07:11

hey can someon plz make me a sig i want it to be a family guy theme thnx!

12th November 2004 18:11

i use firefox all about firefox!!! internet explorer soo unsafe you can get adwre and spyware faster...

12th November 2004 17:11

if your really looking for safe browsing or zero pop ups what so ever and no ad-ware or spy-ware dow...

12th November 2004 17:11

hey guys... something is rong with my steam i mean it works well i mean my steam freakin frezzes bef...

12th November 2004 00:11