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Hi! I have a big problem ! when I try to start CoD, an fatal error say default.cfg could't not be...

29th May 2004 03:05

Thx for the answer but I install in that directory .... and I have another problem !!! when I try to...

31st May 2004 05:05

yea ! same problem here ! HELP plz !

31st May 2004 07:05

thx for the answer but I found my problem :) it's bcuz i'm a francophones and my PC is setuped in...

1st June 2004 18:06

hey guys I wanna know how to disallow pistol or to put 0 munitions. thx

4th August 2004 12:08

ok but can I disable pistol witout dl a mod ?

7th August 2004 03:08