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I just downloaded Galactic Conquest newest version. I CAN NOT play it. start game, find server, join...

29th September 2004 09:09

oh btw,is it possible to add somthing like wings to a model thats already made like a reskin i guess

14th May 2007 09:05

hopefully the model will be done soon,i wonder how many ppl would download it lol,She's mainly just...

25th July 2007 04:07

ty aerith,we havnt colored her yet,but she's gonna have all of demona's colors her blueishgay skin,r...

24th July 2007 13:07

thnx gir,but uhm they wernt sopost to move anyway,like flap and stuff like that lol,there sopost to...

24th July 2007 06:07

why are the wings and tail gonna stink? hoodz said he will make them good

24th July 2007 05:07

i posted a while aback about the model hoodz an i are making heres some new screens

20th July 2007 04:07

i was gonna say that :D

22nd May 2007 10:05

well the poneytail isnt gonna be there,this was just a sample still has alot of work to be done,and...

22nd May 2007 08:05

im sure theres a few ppl that were excited about this,well finally the gargoyle Demona model is unde...

22nd May 2007 06:05

hi iwas wondering if somone would mind createing a legolas skin from lotr,im like addicted to him an...

17th May 2007 10:05

i tried i dont understand any of it,i asked hapslash if he could help me with it so now im waiting f...

14th May 2007 11:05

oh ok ty

14th May 2007 08:05

Hi there my names lina i would like a model of the gargoyle character demona,im a really big fan of...

12th May 2007 03:05

iwas wondering wheres the program for me to look at pk3's so i can reskin them and such cus i cant f...

14th May 2007 08:05

well can somone help me with it cus i have no idea how to do any of what ur talking about

14th May 2007 06:05

would the wings be extended like in the pic or pulled back like a cape

13th May 2007 13:05

what about the wings and the tail?

13th May 2007 12:05

well sorry i wasted ur time i thought that requests were allowed and..i dont even know how to make s...

13th May 2007 08:05

i doubt anyones gonna take it :(

13th May 2007 06:05

:( i really hope somone wants to do this come on doa girl a solid

13th May 2007 04:05

PLease somone make it im begging you *gets on knee's*:bows: :bows:

13th May 2007 00:05

well she doesnt have to look exactly like her,how close can you get her to look?

12th May 2007 14:05

anyone interested? Please?:deal:

12th May 2007 09:05

well i hope they do cus she's like my fav gargoyle character ever,would they be able to make her win...

12th May 2007 04:05
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