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Hi guys, i'm new here and I was wondering if it was possible if someone could make me a mod for a bl...

31st July 2007 03:07

There is a mod where you can get the clothing that makes you look like duros, hutts, ithorians, etc

14th August 2007 16:08

I understand that there was a Darth Vader pc mod on pcgamemods and since the site is about as good a...

22nd August 2007 18:08

yeah all you could use would be blasters and rifles

20th August 2007 22:08

A mandalorian wars one would be pretty sweet

17th August 2007 02:08

The dark side has all the power

16th August 2007 16:08

Malak is a badass

16th August 2007 16:08

would you want gay love between you and him? lol :p

16th August 2007 02:08

there is a mod on the site that adds the hk factory to the game, its pretty neat

15th August 2007 16:08

I just hope TSLRP gets done soon. From what i saw it is gonna make the game freakin sweet

14th August 2007 03:08

Yes i meant the crystals. And i got mine to 22-44 with the double and where can i find these lucas...

31st July 2007 16:07

im terrible at making mods so i was wondering if someone can make me a mod where i can have darth ni...

14th August 2007 00:08

I'm usually sentenial/sithlord/jedi master

6th August 2007 23:08

Yeah ive got that mod already but i want it with revans mask if thats even possible

6th August 2007 23:08

Can anyone make me a mod with Darth Nihilus' robes except with Revan's mask all black And i would a...

6th August 2007 19:08

I want it to like sort of connect Kotor 1 and 2

4th August 2007 16:08

That species thats on the Unknown world

3rd August 2007 22:08

Well then i would deeply appreciate it if anyone could make me one

31st July 2007 21:07

the www link doesnt work and lucasfiles doesnt have it Would it be possible for someone to make me...

31st July 2007 19:07

visas is weak bastilla all the way

27th August 2007 02:08