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Spyder F-16A few reasons... 1. It's fun (So they say...) No. It's all about pleasure. Mastur...

28th April 2004 02:04

Oh yeah, because those few points he got for making this thread will help him so much in life!

22nd July 2004 07:07

I saw one very similiar to that, years ago, and so I just stood back and waited for it. Funny. :)

22nd July 2004 04:07

Use the 'block' button on your phone.

22nd July 2004 05:07

Oh, sorry I'm so late guys!! I just challenged my guy to a game of penguin bashing. How many days...

22nd July 2004 07:07

mEkImIrMe hfx_rebel VS Gollum Challenge me please. I'm off to practice.

22nd July 2004 07:07

I am 10% gay. I'm a walking, talking, red-blooded hetero guy. I'm just way to straight for these mo...

22nd July 2004 08:07

Haha, you got a knife?! Great idea. :)

22nd July 2004 08:07

Okay, I've played, your turn.

23rd July 2004 00:07

Well, I can't wait. I'm leaving for Italy on Monday night, and likely won't have access to a comput...

23rd July 2004 03:07

hfx_rebelguess what... I was correct, then. What an annoying game you chose, Mekimirme.

23rd July 2004 22:07

Simpsons has gotten old and lost a lot of it's appeal, in my opinion. Family guy.

24th July 2004 00:07

I would wrap you in a American flag and watch you burn. Edit: die plz dude :mad:

14th July 2004 00:07

I would like to kill evildude41 through strangulation with his own intestines. :mad:

13th July 2004 05:07

This sounds very familiar to that article I read that said swallowing semen daily lowered the chance...

13th July 2004 23:07

I choose the first option, because in my opinion humanity is too bent on revenge and foolish to real...

14th July 2004 00:07

not really

2nd September 2004 17:09

:hump: k i take off ur shirt and lick ur chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26th August 2004 07:08


2nd September 2004 19:09


2nd September 2004 20:09

Looks like a bunch of numbers and letters which have no meaning to me. 4/10

2nd September 2004 20:09


3rd September 2004 08:09

Col Jimmy Emerictelling everyone that you hate them is not a good way to get rep... but i dont car...

3rd September 2004 17:09

how do u get the pic under ur name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd September 2004 17:09

Großadmiral Dönitzchose a usergroup you would like to join in your usercp. This is what the FAQ says...

3rd September 2004 19:09