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Oh, trade_trader is the first trader? So then I should stick my stuff into the barman trader, if I...

1st April 2007 10:04

Here is my unique_items.ltx: ;-----------Outfits----------- [outfit_novice_m1]:novice_outfit ;Àí...

1st April 2007 07:04

Honestly, I never really encountered that much radiation that early on. Spoiler: Show In Rostok, th...

31st March 2007 14:03

Co-op and vehicals.

31st March 2007 14:03

niphty;3603901Having played through 3 times, I can honestly say I'm disappointed in this game. I did...

31st March 2007 13:03

Why not post it? lol :P

31st March 2007 11:03

Not realizing that I could use the PDA later on in the game, I simply sold it to Owl. After running...

13th February 2010 20:02
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