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TFC has never worked for me, id like some help to try and get it to work :) I try to open it on s...

6th September 2004 17:09


21st April 2006 17:04

ignore this *** deleted ***

2nd June 2006 05:06

hi again i have cobbled together a sort of franken pyramid head and i need to know how i get it in g...

24th April 2006 00:04

wow wow wow inyri posted in my thread i am honored :bows:

22nd April 2006 02:04

thnx dan :naughty:

22nd April 2006 02:04

ty i was going to get gmax but now i know to get xsi

22nd April 2006 01:04

woot this server is godly lol even tho the blood lords consist of three lords Lord Mondraggon = mo...

21st April 2006 17:04

gooooo il give u a hand si when im done with pyramid head

21st April 2006 17:04


7th September 2004 06:09

what is the best program to start modeling in i allready know how to skin so that is no problem s...

21st April 2006 15:04

if no body does make i may use it as an oportunity to start modding myself

21st April 2006 04:04

Is there a model of Pyramid head from silent hill floating around anywhere and if not would someone...

21st April 2006 00:04

jsut delete the folder in your steam file labelled 'tfc' and reload tfc, it will reinstall the files...

3rd October 2004 02:10

No problem, got it sorted.

7th September 2004 21:09

Sounds like Outlook Express :S if it is, your have two different servers set, wheni shoudl be the on...

7th September 2004 18:09

ET 2.60 win-x86 Mar 10 2005 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: C:\PROGRA~1\WOLFEN~1\etmain\...

10th May 2007 21:05