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Could Anyone PLEASE make Sora from Kingdom Hearts?...

20th September 2004 17:09

you my clan has been alive for three months and i dont kno what this alliance will do for you an...

30th December 2006 11:12

so madam farseer do we have an alliance

6th December 2006 13:12

yer sure thats ok

9th December 2006 11:12

you guy instrened in an alliance with my clan if so just go to our website at www.freewebs.com/ltsta...

26th December 2006 11:12

yay good to see ailles in the forum

30th December 2006 11:12

join clan ultra we are a free fun clan we enjoy friendy games of dow. if you would like to join just...

31st December 2006 13:12

ok the Ultra marines are at your comand

4th December 2006 22:12

ok if you play dc look for me sec in command ok he mite wanna game with you

5th January 2007 12:01

hi guys i seek an alliance with youz i am the leader of the ultramarines clan our website is at www....

1st February 2007 21:02

lol ill join

22nd February 2007 08:02

ok i got your word and we are at your command

24th May 2007 13:05

the ultra marines are down as well seeing as i dont have a real cd key for my dc its a bummer realy:...

20th January 2008 00:01

:cool::cool::cool::cool:hey are you lookign for a good online halo clan well look no more coem see o...

20th January 2008 00:01

ok sorry about this but i forgot the following info we are a halo and Css clan we are about 15 membe...

21st January 2008 15:01

no he means you can form alliances here and we can use a imperial guard allie you can find us at www...

5th December 2006 01:12

greetings from the clan of the Ultramarines we wish to aille with you for the fight agenst the force...

4th December 2006 07:12

PLEASE MAKE SORA 4 ME!!! :bows: :bows: :bows:

23rd September 2004 00:09

leave triagon alone hes cool

25th November 2006 12:11

join clan ultra we are a free fun clan we enjoy friendy games of dow. if you would like to join just...

7th November 2006 06:11

hi my clan needs a banner my clan is clan of Ultra we need a Ultra Marines U with our Name on it if...

21st November 2006 17:11

i have a special ultra marines banner 6that i want our clan name on it the words clan of ultra

22nd November 2006 10:11

i kno but i want a custom banner

22nd November 2006 14:11

lol thats right any way i dont like the defult ones so yer

22nd November 2006 17:11

yer thats ok do that

22nd November 2006 17:11
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