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Um....Your fat :D

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Please some one help me use rcon!!!!!:naughty:

10th January 2003 00:01

not bad bro;)

2nd March 2003 00:03

func_plat, to give it a switch make a trigger multiple and trgger the elavator by giving it a target...

24th February 2003 16:02

Ok I know how to do it but how do I set the height?

25th February 2003 16:02

how do you people do that kind of stuff round pads and other stuff like that?

25th February 2003 20:02

you can get it here!

27th February 2003 17:02

yea I am:D

27th February 2003 19:02

Can any one assist me with my mapping project?I need some really good picutres of thejedi temple as...

1st March 2003 21:03

I made a texture for my map and put it in the maps name folder in the tuxtures folder and the textur...

1st March 2003 22:03

hey add me to you your megaman collection=):dance:

2nd March 2003 00:03

thanks..that helped a lot:)

22nd February 2003 03:02


2nd March 2003 00:03


2nd March 2003 00:03

yes i like the directors cut iwth Jax and sonya:)

2nd March 2003 00:03

not all

2nd March 2003 00:03


2nd March 2003 00:03

doest work anymore:(

2nd March 2003 00:03

For music make a folder in the .pk3 called music and put it there then in the worldspawn make the m...

3rd March 2003 00:03

I downloaded the LORT weapons pack(swords) I put them in my /gamedata/base dir, and it dont work!!HE...

3rd March 2003 19:03

In some of the dim side maps i've seen messages pop up like "builing two" how do I make these kind o...

23rd February 2003 15:02

[glow=2]Where can I get it?[/glow]

21st February 2003 18:02

dude batman beyond is a wannna-be the original KICKS ASS!:dance: This is what I think of your requ...

3rd March 2003 20:03

download the new patch then

16th February 2003 19:02

what version do you have?? This happens sometimes when you dont have the version being played on the...

16th February 2003 17:02

no there isnt any console command for that maybe someone connected while someone disconnected at the...

16th February 2003 17:02