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StrangerThanFiction...or both together. Fresh from the Radlabs, the PanzerKamelWagen IIIc: lmfao...

20th April 2006 01:04

"bad company" lol !

22nd August 2006 11:08

Snows because I love the cold or Lozz because my name is lawrence

17th September 2006 01:09

fuzzy yee legend I utterly agree with you too , Likewise with H2Hsnake lol

6th September 2006 02:09

/cry :-( :-( I hearted that guy , and he had 2 young uns, RIP bro

4th September 2006 15:09

yay ppl who agree with me

28th August 2006 09:08

The tank battles are good indeed , def worth the download , its growing on me anyho

27th August 2006 17:08

*hirohito gives lozz an epileptic fit*

27th August 2006 17:08

I remember seeing wind talkers for the first time . the expresion on the faces watching it , ahhh...

27th August 2006 09:08

black adder goes forth

27th August 2006 07:08

After playing it for a while I really dont know what the hype was about , I didnt think it was anyt...

27th August 2006 07:08


24th August 2006 06:08

Yeah that music works well , nice job , respect to them all out there

24th August 2006 04:08

corrupt mario

23rd August 2006 23:08

nice man , I wouldnt color it either but thats just me

21st August 2006 21:08

This is one of my main hopes for fh2 , huge dust filled explosions , not those tennis ball explosio...

25th September 2006 18:09

east !

21st August 2006 21:08

lol dont worry disorda I chuckled when I saw it would be great having a DVD cover though , sh...

19th August 2006 21:08

I can only hope its true and yea lupin bro , that pwns lol

19th August 2006 05:08

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBZs8Tr3W1s was it something like that?

19th August 2006 05:08

god pirates owns

19th August 2006 04:08


17th August 2006 23:08

nice collection , seriously though I am 100% jelous

15th August 2006 09:08

your about two days too late spet , nice that youd share em though cheers anyway

15th August 2006 09:08

gasp , I remember the old golden eye days , ahhhhhh great times

14th August 2006 20:08