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Someone should make an Enterprise mod if they haven't already. You would need new skins and weapons...

25th August 2003 02:08

Hey, could you use Lithunwrap for EF2 skinning? And how? THX!

6th August 2003 04:08

What are .tik files? And what can I open them with?

21st August 2003 23:08

Ok here's mt problem... I made a map, and I'm almost done. How do you write the map decription? And...

23rd August 2003 02:08

Great idea, but i'd just start from scratch, not copy from another game. It's probably illegal. And...

25th August 2003 00:08

I made a map but how do I make it appear in the Multiplayer menu with bot support?

27th August 2003 01:08

I'm sorry this is only for EF1!

5th August 2003 01:08

Thanks FileTrekker, that really helped! I've been waiting for someone to reply. Greatly appreciate i...

27th August 2003 02:08

Wait! So I select anything other than an entity, and then I "set a value"? How do u do that?

27th August 2003 02:08

When I select anything and then press "N" nothing happens.

27th August 2003 03:08

Ok, I had F4 set on it. Ok I put "message" in the "key" box and "description" in the "value" box. Ho...

27th August 2003 03:08

I need to compile my maps into .aas files so they can be used in multiplayer. But i can only compile...

27th August 2003 04:08

What website is The Cheat from? I saw it once and then forgot.

27th August 2003 04:08

I'm waiting for a skinning contest myself, if I can ever figure it out. Anyway, way map for EF1 when...

5th August 2003 01:08

To skin in Elite Force you kinda have to have Photoshop right? WELL THAT COSTS OVER $500!!!!!!!!!!!!...

4th August 2003 06:08

Program Files> Activision> Elite Force 2> Base> Save (You'll find it from there)

4th July 2003 01:07

I'm in the Ruins on the alien planet, and im stuck on the part where u get split up with Korban, Tel...

6th July 2003 04:07

Already done. Its called the Voyager coompression rifle find it at (in the mods section)

4th August 2003 06:08

The Temporal Hazard team would be a good idea, but not lead by Munro. He's too combat-oriented. How...

30th July 2003 07:07

I'd like to start skinning for EF2 but I can't open a lot of the files. I have Pakscape and I open t...

4th August 2003 04:08

I really need a GDK tutorial, the one that comes with the game only tells me how to make a very basi...

4th September 2003 08:09