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i wish i had a beard

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Pavlov is super crap end of story. And German guns are not at a disadvantage except the Kararibiner...

3rd August 2004 05:08

looks like the bottom shoots the 9mm

4th August 2004 06:08

grab a garand and givem hell

4th August 2004 07:08

Yea the ironsight for the Kar is bigger than the bullet

4th August 2004 20:08

I have a tank for you I bought this Armoured vehicles of WW2 book and I saw the IS-3 "Stalin" tank....

5th August 2004 19:08

I play pc and its laggy as heck.

5th August 2004 19:08

guns don't kill people people kill people

6th August 2004 04:08

thank you ping pong saved me a lotta typin u did

6th August 2004 05:08

lol if only u could copy and paste from a book to cpu. Oh well. Hey ping pong you can be guru of thi...

7th August 2004 04:08

sounds good to me

21st August 2004 09:08

I hate the sniper wusses almost as much as I do mg sprayers. It sure is fun getting shot if you even...

21st August 2004 09:08

ACDC , Metallica, Alice in Chains, etc

24th July 2004 19:07

You would see an all ppsh game then

31st October 2004 06:10

yes yes off track.

31st October 2004 06:10

I wish he would have died. British accents confuse me lol. J/K he is one hell of a captain and i not...

15th December 2004 10:12

quit complanin and go to a realism server

15th December 2004 10:12

Hey its just an idea i have had.A snow ball skin for nades and even a snowball mod that lets nades d...

17th December 2004 07:12

Any of u can use my idea. I dont mind.

19th December 2004 07:12

Actually being a stunter i like Blood Gultch (which is probobly because vehicles couldnt be destroye...

8th January 2005 11:01

lol maybe its just that you dont like rpg's. I have halo 2 but enjoy KOTOR much much more because yo...

17th January 2005 10:01

make the medics invunerable, give them nothing besides a medpack, and dont let them drive anything b...

22nd January 2005 11:01

or the 101st Airborne lol

22nd January 2005 12:01

i didnt have to download it to plant trip wires

22nd January 2005 12:01

lol salva we still love you. i hope they dont shut my thread down. lol oh yea and i created this bef...

22nd January 2005 12:01

ya the KV2 was a good tank with a huge 122mm or 152mm gun, thick armor up to 110mm thick and 2 mg's...

23rd January 2005 00:01