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Yes it is really there hmm..Kinda scary now thats theres a doll right behind you when your in the co...

20th September 2003 12:09

Hmmm Ill see if I can get you one I dont play online really with the f-14 because everyone just hogs...

21st September 2003 03:09

I may be able to help out spooks with doing some of the sigs for people.

21st September 2003 03:09

I like the red X also :rock: :dance:

24th September 2003 08:09

Yea lol

24th September 2003 08:09

Yeah, I get that alot to its funny when they start saying that kinda stuff. The best thing it just a...

24th September 2003 08:09

Old...i remember that from the demo days but still funny btw and someone did use it as thier sig.

7th October 2003 11:10

Pvt_ZabJoystick > Keyboard & mouse Aces use a joystick...the best pilots are Chris from -M|N...

10th October 2003 10:10

Cdn_ChavezNice post buddy... come on... :rolleyes: 2nd Rangers... My favorite squadron is the Gri...

29th August 2003 01:08

Has i wacthed the video i nocited some new stuff..but this cault my eye does the tank tear up the gr...

10th October 2003 11:10

Yea after they canceled the X-box version i dout any other console well have it..Even if they could...

10th October 2003 11:10

Wrong froum...

11th October 2003 02:10

Yea dont listen to them people...BTW this forum well be shut down...Bffiles dows not like bashing...

11th October 2003 06:10

I thought needed rtr to play DC? BTw not everymod well work you may need to get RtR or Sw.

12th October 2003 02:10

Looks good...You can add whatever you want to it dont listen about anyone says about the Uk flag...b...

12th October 2003 02:10

Well its alright, but has alot of flaws for one thing the " plupp" if you wanna call it that(or the...

1st November 2003 12:11

The new map and the USMC skin rocks! :rock:

1st November 2003 14:11

Well you no dice..When they first released the game they knew they where not 100% right on everythin...

2nd November 2003 18:11

Check this out...Its about what the F-14 pilot. thinks of the f-18. Navy F-14 pilots speak vividly a...

1st September 2003 06:09

Did they have maya, lightwave or photoshop in 91?

29th August 2003 00:08

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF I Said i would make one what is wrong with you dont you...

19th August 2003 17:08

If any of you guys vist dc-central.com I won SOTW!

19th August 2003 19:08

Now what do you want on it? And if you got any pics please send them to me! By email.

19th August 2003 17:08

Ok DC stuff or real?

19th August 2003 17:08

Ok give me a hour or less or more and i should have it done!

19th August 2003 17:08