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I got this program called "PBweb". It checks for updates for PunkBuster so you dont have to do that...

13th August 2003 03:08

I think the easiest way to solve this is to re-install wolf.

17th August 2003 01:08

I case you guys havent found a link to download this map here it is: MP_Pacific :deal:

24th August 2003 08:08

I think that you have opened the pk3 file with winzip, happend to me 2 when I downloaded that file,...

27th August 2003 00:08

The map Ice is included in the mappack "Goty". Download it here: http://www.rtcwfiles.com/file.info...

31st August 2003 06:08

At http://www.speedbit.com/ you can download a download program that can resume downloads, if the we...

2nd September 2003 00:09

or you can try to put the "fastsky: option on and then off, might fix the bug.

3rd September 2003 00:09

The bots work with waypoints. If you install it the only maps supported with waypoints are: assaul...

7th September 2003 22:09