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Well, I have such a big problem: I bought the first BF1942, without any exp. packs, and it worked f...

12th August 2004 07:08

"Good, Good. Let the FH flow through you."

6th November 2007 19:11

Stug in background has perfect rear shot: pwn3d

15th January 2008 18:01

Could we see the Vickers as a stationary emplacement more often then the Lewis Gun. I don't think th...

15th January 2008 18:01

hehe I have all the medal of honor soundtracks, michael giacchino and christopher lennertz. Rantan(?...

14th December 2007 11:12

I tried 'merryxmas' and also shat myself when it began to extract, but then told me to 'jog on'

14th December 2007 11:12

Okay... I just tried to give reputation to Von Mudra but it came up with this message in a little bo...

17th November 2007 03:11

16th November 2007 14:11

*Rep if you get the reference between this thread and this picture*

16th November 2007 12:11

hey wait a second bratwurst, i'm damn sure you've already released this patch for the soundpack befo...

14th November 2007 13:11

RussianComrade;4004517...SPR and Pearl Harbor oughta start taking notes =p).[/quote] [quote=FlippyWa...

30th October 2007 08:10

Squire James;4163337...I am sure the devs are ahead of me on this one, but i'd like to see the Panze...

18th January 2008 10:01

30th October 2007 08:10

Okay is it just my download being corrupt, or do some of the maps in singleplayer in the latest vers...

13th September 2007 08:09

Although this might have been discussed before (I can't really remember) Is the Vickers Medium Machi...

1st September 2007 10:09

Argh! whats going on?! i can't see any of these FH2 covers

5th July 2007 18:07

Stefan F;3745293history is written by the victorious And yet Stephen E. Ambrose, Richard Overy, Sir...

21st June 2007 06:06

Could we please have one definitive link to the latest version of FHSW?

28th May 2007 17:05

Jessica Alba in a F-22?

23rd May 2007 14:05

wjlasloThe2nd;3692307Alright. Here's a thread for literally the hardest trivia imaginable. When wil...

23rd May 2007 12:05

Now why does the name "arkham asylum" spring to mind when i think of these forums...:lol:

17th January 2008 16:01

I wonder if it would be possible to make it so that the Beaufighter already incorporated into FH2 ha...

18th January 2008 13:01

Fuzzy Bunny;3694021*sigh* You owe me a clip of Full Metal Jacket's Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann chantin...

23rd May 2007 07:05

Which one? according to IMDB there are at least 10 movies titled 'Sahara' IMDb Title Search

15th May 2008 08:05

Aussie89;4360804Oceania FHT2 desperately needs players, go to Forgotten Honor Tournament - Best Forg...

3rd June 2008 16:06